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About Us

DesignGraphics.org was launched in January of 2003, to offer our various custom graphic design services including animated banner design, static banner design, flash banner design, logo design, favicon design, button design, custom flash presentations and intros and website component design services. We wanted mainly to bring our successful enterprises that we established in 1999, primarily BannerSharp.com and LogoSharp.com, together under one roof. We felt that it was important to continue offering our customers the opportunity to download free fonts and run a monthly contest and we wanted to start offering a newsletter to our clients. BannerSharp.com and LogoSharp.com had gathered a good following of loyal customers over the last several years, and we felt that we needed to consolidate our various services in order to build upon our success.

We believe our success is a result of several main factors. Excellence and creativity of graphic design, with a particular attention to detail, is evident in our banners, logos and flash work. Superb customer service, with fast response times, clear communication, good product turn around times with on time delivery, and fair Terms & Conditions, combine to make transactions mutually rewarding, and keep our customers coming back for more. The satisfaction that we feel in turning out an eye catching banner, a memorable logo, or an elegant flash feature make the design process exciting, fresh and continually challenging, and translates into the best products for our customers.

We look forward to continued growth in our customer base and our abilities in the years ahead. You are welcome to come along for the ride!

Best Regards,

Andy & Carolyn Reid

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Published on: 2003-02-23 (10394 reads)

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