Second Gimpsy Competition
Date: Tuesday, June 10 @ 21:10:44 EDT
Topic: Featured Client

The Second Gimpsy Competion

Our friends over at Gimpsy are having another competition. They are giving away another $25 USD for the longest accepted natural language search phrase entered into their directory. The first competition was a lot of fun with the happy winner being announced last weekend. Good luck to all! Read more for further details.

Gimpsy logo design

See here for for a complete listing of the current competition rules.

Gimpsy's stated mission is to make the search experience on the Internet enjoyable . As such, you will find no banners, no buttons, no elaborate graphics, no pop-ups and no adverts in the way of your search experience, and they strive to produce accurate search results in the fastest possible time. They use a Natural Language expression in their search, which is what the contest is all about.

We are in no way affiliated with Gimpsy, but do recommend listing your site (it's free!) with them. We have found the team at Gimpsy to be very friendly and efficient, and thank them for establishing such a fun competition.

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