The Return of Planet Doom
Date: Sunday, August 03 @ 16:32:26 EDT
Topic: News

Brad Enslen writes:

Planet Doom Portal Returns to its Banner Exchange Roots

The Planet Doom Portal, one of the larger speculative fiction web portals, has launched Planet Doom SciFi Banner Exchange for science fiction, fantasy, horror and role playing websites at:

The exchange is free to content sites in the genres named above. Shopping and affiliate sites will be able to purchase impressions at some time in the future.

Planet Doom is not new to the banner exchange business. From 1999 to January 2001 they operated a successful science fiction banner exchange which died when the third party host went out of business in the dot com bust. The present search directory was started in 2000, and grew out of a links page for that exchange.

The new banner exchange is part of Planet Doom’s suite of free traffic building resources for amateur SF webmasters which include: web directory, web ring hosting, and free search engine promotion guides.

The banner exchange can be very effective especially for genre art sites, web published comics and other sites that do not have a lot of indexable text for search engines. Banners especially appeal to fans of these kinds of sites because it is so visually oriented.

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