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Date: Wednesday, May 14 @ 16:10:00 EDT
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We are continuing the very popular and highly successful '2 Free Banners Giveaway' Contest at DesignGraphics that we have run for over two years now. To be eligible, all you have to do is subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter.

Each month, the lucky winner will be given two custom banner ad designs - FREE! They will also be featured on our site for some additional free advertising exposure.

Good luck!

Why do you do it?
'Cause we know that once you've had a look at our banner and graphic design skills, you'll order some (more) for yourself!

How do I enter for my chance to win two free custom banner ads?
By just clicking on the link below!

Subscribe to enter the contest here!

Read more to review the contest rules and regulations.

In entering this contest, you agree to abide by the following terms:

Contest Rules & Regulations
1. One entry per person. Please do not spam us.
2. Draw will take place monthly.
3. You will receive a notification email announcing the winner. The winner's name may be posted, with permission, on our site. We may display the completed banner prize package there as well.
4. The prize of 2 Custom Animated Banners cannot be exchanged for cash. However, a Flash Banner may be substituted for one of the banners if desired, making the prize an Animated Banner and a Flash Banner.
5. The maximum size for the banners will be 468 x 60 pixels and 20 Kb. We will only perform one revision for each item. Exceptions may be made to this at our discretion.
6. We may periodically send a newsletter from the site to the email address provided. We will not abuse this privilege, nor will we release your email address or any other information to any third parties. See our Privacy Policy.
7. You may withdraw your eligibility to win the contest at any time simply by entering the email that you were subscribed to the newsletter under and choosing unsubscribe.

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